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Functional Area 49 Personnel Proponent Office Mission, Vision and Objectives

Located in the Program Analysis & Evaluation Directorate, Army G-8, Pentagon, the Functional Area (FA) 49 Personnel Proponent Office is responsible for FA49 program direction. The proponent office is responsible for assisting the FA49 Executive Agent and Proponent with the management of the eight personnel proponent system life-cycle management functions:

  • Acquisition
  • Distribution
  • Development
  • Structure
  • Deployment
  • Compensation
  • Sustainment
  • Transition

FA49 Mission: Functional Area 49, Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA), provides the Army uniquely skilled officers -- problem solvers -- who produce analysis and decision support products to underpin critical decisions by leaders and managers at all levels of the Department of Defense (DoD). These officers recommend potential solutions for complex strategic, operational, tactical, and business issues. ORSAs are an integral part of Title 10 roles to organize, man, train, equip, sustain, and resource transformation in the Army.

The FA49 officer "introduces quantitative and qualitative analysis to the military's decision-making processes by developing and applying probability models, statistical inference, simulations, optimizations, and economic models. The ORSA FA encompasses diverse disciplines in personnel management, doctrine and force development, training, system acquisition and resource management, as well as tactical operational and strategic planning from division through combatant command, and from MACOM through the highest levels of DoD." -- DA PAM 600-3"

FA49 Vision: Operations Research Systems Analysts will be highly skilled and operationally experienced, incorporating both established and emerging technologies and tools to add value in a constantly changing global environment. FA49 is uniquely poised to serve the Army as organic experts in data science, data analytics, data visualization, and other big data specialities. We are leveraging new technical skills to rapidly apply our tradecraft in the growing technical domains of Cyber, Special Operations, Networks, and Intelligence while continuing Warfighter support in the classis coperational domain using our wargaming and assessment skill sets."

FA49 Objectives:
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